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Antonina Denysiuk

Born in Lviv in 1963, Ukraine
1974 - 1978, youth Art School in Lviv, Ukraine
1983 - 1988, Lviv Academy of Applied and Decorative
Arts Department Interior and Eguipment
Author of the idea and co-organiser of International
Art Symposiums De Novo, Lviv, Ukraine
1998 Time, Space, Material
1999 Induatrial Reality
2000 Art - Genetic Code of Earth
2002 The Inner Side of The Sky - Earth

2002 Courator of the art-project Culture Heroj, Lviv
Dzyga Culture Centre, Kyiv Gelmann- gallery

Personal exhibitions:
1994 Lviv State Art Gallery, Ukraine ( together with
Serhij Sinitsyn)
1995 Changing View ( together with Katerina
Vassilyeva, Moscow), Maerz Gallery, Linz, Austria
1996 A2 gallery, Moscow, Russia
1997 Dzyga Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
1997 Master-class Pistoletto, Academy of Visual Arts,
Vienna, Austria
1998 Cosmos Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1998 Karenina Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1999-2000 Karenina Gallery (together with Serhij
Sinitsyn), Vienna, Austria

Group exhibitions since 1991:
1993 Cultural scene of Lviv, Freiburg University,
1991- 1994 Art group Scytian Baba, State Art Galleries
in Kherson and Lviv
1994 Over Barders and Frontiers, Hipp-Halle, Gmunden,
1994- 1997 Numerous exhibitions and actions in the
Dzyga gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
1997 Cultur centre by Minorite monastery, Graz,
Austria, art symposium, Meditation
1999 Dialog, BWA gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2000-2001 Art-project, Point of Intersection,
Lodz-Stuttgart-Lviv, Polen-Germany-Ukraine

Concepts, projects, stagins:
1994 Freedom of Choice, Kyiv, Donetsk, Ukraine
1995 I Trust, scenography together with Serhij
Sinitsyn, Lviv opera, Lviv, Ukraine
1995 conceptual project Clear Wind - Powder tower in
Lviv; Olesko castle; Lviv opera; Ukraine
1997 Festival of Ukranian culture, Przemysl, Poland,
scenography ( together with S. Sinitsyn, V. Kaufman,
N. Shymin

Book graphics:
1995 Ihor Kalynets, Five Fairy-tales
1997 Bohdan Chepurko, Maria Chumarna, ABC-book
Who I am in the World, Prosvita, Lviv
2000 Grand Prix of the VII International Publishers,
Forum in Lviv for the catalogues
De Novo Time, Space, Material and Industrial

The works are collected in:
Lviv State art gallery, Ukraine

Selena Str. 85/ 9
Ukraine 79017, Lviv


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